While many fashion trends come and go, there are some items that remain timeless no matter the season. And if there could only be one closet staple that you should invest in, it would be a great handbag, such as a YSL bag.

Is YSL made in Hong Kong? | What is the cheapest thing at Yves Saint Laurent? | Where can I buy Yves Saint Laurent in Hong Kong?


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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Saint Laurent HK Bag

Yves Saint Laurent has been around since the ‘60s, and the brand is known for its effortless modern elegance with a sophisticated edge. For multiple decades, Saint Laurent has come out with staple handbags for every occasion. Through appointing different creative directors to drop the “Yves” in an RTW rebrand, the continued cult-like following of YSL (they kept the “Y” for monogramming purposes) bags prove their quality, style, and demand for years to come. The luxury bag comes with a matching price tag, but remember, this is a forever item. Now, let’s take a look at what YSL bags do best and break down exactly what you need to know before investing in this important wardrobe monument.

Know the Brand Basics and Start There

Each season, YSL Hong Kong will come out with new iterations of its already existing products. But the basic Saint Laurent bag styles to consider for the utmost longevity are the famous Sac de Jour, the LouLou, the Sunset bag, and the shopping tote. These are the styles you will have in your closet forever.

Choose One That Suits Your Lifestyle

The most important thing to consider when investing in a designer bag is to know the purpose it will have in your life. Ask yourself, do you prefer an everyday carryall? Then maybe the Sac De Jour is for you. If you’re one to throw your bag around and are a bit rougher, then you should probably steer towards the Sac De Jour duffle because it has a zip closure, organizational pockets, and a canvas lining.

If you are one to keep your bag organized without the help of added pockets and compartments but need something more spacious to fit a laptop and gym clothes, the Shopper Tote is right for you. Or, if you’re somebody that likes to show off on a night out, then consider the YSL Classic Monogram Quilted Leather Shoulder bag, the LouLou, or the Sunset YSL crossbody bag (which is most similar to the wallet on a chain). These differ slightly in depth and style, but they are all perfect for any night out.

Saint Laurent HK also offers bucket bags, backpacks, wallets, tote, duffle bags, and travel bags.

Take Your Time

Before making this heavy fashion purchase (especially if it’s your first designer bag), it’s crucial to take your time. Do not make this an impulse buy. Investing in your wardrobe through designer items should be a well-thought-out and strategic process. Consider your lifestyle and how it will play well in your closet. Slowly browse through and view the items before making a purchase. YSL often releases new designs for its bags, so it is better to choose the right design that is evergreen and best suits you so you can use it for a long time.

Besides luxury bags, there are other Saint Laurent products like the YSL purse, and also their makeup line, be sure to check out their lipsticks, Rouge Pur Couture, and also Rouge Volupté Shine.

Is YSL made in Hong Kong?

No, YSL goods such as bags and clothing are made in Italy. However, Yves Saint Laurent does have official outlet stores across the whole of Hong Kong. The official outlet stores of Yves Saint Laurent offers a wide array of goods that you can choose from. Whether it is clothing, footwear, eyewear, or beauty products such as skincare products and lipstick, Yves Saint Laurent has all in stores!

What is the cheapest thing at Yves Saint Laurent?

The cheapest thing at Yves Saint Laurent is an ID Money clip in metal. The money clip is basic in every way possible. It is 100% brass in a matte black finish with the brand's name engraved on it. You can view the money clip in YSL online store.

Where can I buy Yves Saint Laurent in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, you can buy Yves Saint Laurent goods and products at any official YSL retail stores. Mainly located in the Kowloon area and Hong Kong Island, you can visit YSL retail stores at Central, Causeway Bay, and Tsim Sha Tsui. You can also purchase YSL goods through their official online store or online merchant store like Vestiaire Collection. However, visiting the YSL physical stores would be better as they offer new in-stores products that online stores do not have. You can also view the goods and items physically making it easier for you to choose the right design that best suits you.