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Look stylish and trendy with Zalora shirts in Hong Kong

In fashion, shirts are seen as the most common article of clothing that is favoured by men and women. With its great selection of colours, designs, and ways in which you can wear them, it is no wonder shirts are a staple item in many people’s wardrobe. If you’re a fan of dressing to look smart most of the days, Zalora shirts in Hong Kong are the ideal choice for you.

Zalora shirts in Hong Kong for men and women

For men, shirts have always been the “safe” choice of garment. With Zalora shirts in Hong Kong, men can choose from various styles and colours. The more sought after shades for short-sleeved shirts are mainly darker colours such as grey, dark blue, and black. As for the long sleeved shirts, popular colours have a brighter shade such as red, light blue, and white. Men prefer plain and simple designs, for instance solid colours or polka dots on their Zalora shirts in Hong Kong. The most popular Zalora shirts in Hong Kong for men are the Zalora NT – Crinkled Textured Short Sleeve Shirt, Zalora Printed Seersucker Short Sleeve Shirt, and Zalora Mini Ring Print Club Collar Short Sleeve Shirt.

The Zalora shirts in Hong Kong for women have a larger array of choices compared to men’s. For the long sleeve shirts, the striped design is a popular choice for women. Furthermore, the off shoulder style shirts also tend to be more favourable. As for the sleeveless shirts, women opt for lighter tones of colours such as white and light grey. The most popular Zalora shirts in Hong Kong for women are the Zalora Basic Long Sleeve Stripe Tee, Zalora Basics Long Sleeves off Shoulder Tunic, and Zalora Collection Long Sleeve Rib Dress.

Dress for the occasion with Zalora shirts in Hong Kong

Casual occasion

The men’s short sleeved shirts are usually worn for casual occasions. Other than that, the quality of Zalora shirts in Hong Kong is also important in determining whether it is suitable for a casual occasion. Shirts that are mainly made of cotton give off a more toned down, laid-back look. As for women, a denim shirt is generally considered acceptable as an informal look.

Formal occasion

The easiest way for men to look more formal is to get Zalora shirts in Hong Kong that are long-sleeved. These kinds of shirts have the tendency to give off a more proper and neat look. Same goes to women, not only the shirts should be long-sleeved; it should be collared as well. Another good formal choice for women is the shirt dress.

Other clothing from Zalora for your inner fashionista

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