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Zhong Ying Yin Xiang Chu Ban She He-Man (DVD-9) (China Version) at 47.00 HKD from YesAsia
Zhong Ying Yin Xiang Chu Ban She He-Man (DVD-9) (China Version)
HK$ 47.00
Up-and-coming China director Ding Sheng's debut film The Underdog Knight (2008) impressed Jackie Chan so much that the kung fu legend recruited him to helm the historical action comedy Little Big Soldier. The collaboration proved successful, and now the young blockbuster director is back to further the idealistic crusade of the mentally impaired marine veteran Lao San, again played by acclaimed actor Liu Ye in the high-octane sequel. Titled He-Man, the crime actioner also features a new band of tough guys, including Taiwan TV star Vincent Chiao, Korean singer/actor Yoo Seung Jun (Little Big Soldier), and real-life martial arts champion Liu Hailong. Besides, Miss World 2007 winner Zhang Zilin makes her eye-catching film debut here playing Lao San's love interest. As a faster-paced and more refined popcorn movie, the sequel's action choreography is given a major boost with Jackie Chan's stuntmen team on board.

In He-Man, our hero Lao San continues to be the simple-minded vigilante, fighting crime and injustice in a beautiful coastal city in China. This time he has a proper job as a courier, which enables him to ride a bike and scour the streets for bad guys to punish. One day Lao San foils the criminal plan of a gang of robbers led by Hei Yong (Yoo Sung Jun), and it gets personal when the gang kidnaps his girlfriend Xiao Hui (Zhang Zilin), the sister of principled police Captain Han (Vincent Chiao)...

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