Looking for footwear that can offer you the ultimate level of comfort? Look no further, because Scholl has just the thing for you. With dozens of designs and an assortment of foot care products to choose from, there’s little wonder why Scholl has remained a leading global brand for over 110 years.

SCHOLL Clothing

Passion to provide the best for the feet

Future Podiatrist Dr William Mathias Scholl was a 17-year-old lad who worked at a small shoe shop in 1899. The young boy found his passion to enroll as a medical student after meeting many people that were suffering from various types of foot conditions while working at the shop which specialized in making comfortable footwear. This intrigued young boy obtained his doctor’s qualification in 1904 and invented the Foot-Eazer at the age of 22. The patented Foot-Eazer, an insert placed in the shoes to strengthen and support the foot arch of your feet was a cutting edge product for its time and lead to the birth of the Scholl brand - a brand that renowned today for combining science with shoe making.

William Scholl’s passion to create and invent shoes that would care for the anatomy of the foot drove him to create new products. Scholl’s pioneer shoe line-up was designed to care for the foot’s anatomy. and incorporated compression hosiery technology that helped people suffering from varicose veins and swollen ankles. In the 1940s, Scholl insoles were selling like hotcakes and the product is still one of brand's best selling items today.

International success International success — with Scholl’s Pescura

Scholl launched a new collection called Pescura in the 1960s that its wearer took. Scholl’s Pescura collection became an international hit, and with its interesting and new light coloured footbed, it became a trendy icon that was worn by popular models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy. Their endorsement made the shoes an iconic summer favorite for extra comfort. Although Scholl's shoes are hardly associated with great style as much as it is with comfort and foot care, the brand still retains a strong following until today. With a recently launched Meringue collection, Scholl is set to upgrade in style while still provide maximum comfort for your feet. Scholl Meringue are the type of shoes that you will definitely want for your summertime. Pair them with your sundresses or shorts for a day out or wear them for your beach hangouts, they are supportive enough to walk in and cute enough to go with any summer wardrobe. Perfect for Hong Kong’s all-year hot weather!

Scholl’s new brand identity — new generation of foot care products

Always innovative and keeping to its founder’s passion and philosophy to improve the comfort, well-being and health of people by providing the best for their feet, Scholl has launched its own reflexology set that will give you a complete foot spa stimulation, allowing you to enjoy complete relaxation. Did you know that the sole of your feet are connected to a huge amount of nerve endings? These nerve endings are not always stimulated with just daily walking, so you need foot reflexology to get a complete stimulation of the nerve endings. With Scholl’s reflexology tools, you can enjoy this special massage technique at the comfort of your own home.

Among the benefits of foot reflexology, include stimulating certain organs in the human body for better blood circulation, detoxifying the body, easing off muscle tension and improving your overall psychophysical balance. It is also good for relieving stress and anxiety. Pressure and massages on selected points of the foot will improve blood circulation and calm those nerves at selected reflex zones and you will experience increased energy throughout your whole body! Stay away from tired, heavy and painful legs with Scholl now!

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Women that love your high heels, get the Scholl Heel Cushion or the Partyfeet Heel Shield and show off your beautiful dress in those killer hills without having to endure the pain because the cushion will support your feet. You can also save up on pedicure sessions by using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi tool daily to get rid of dead skin, leaving your feet smooth and soft to the touch.

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