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iPhone - The Original iPhone

Since 2007, the release of iPhone has been hailed as the monumental event in the history of smartphones. The success of this first generation model is clearly evident as it has inspired several successors that bear its name and others that seek to emulate its iconic innovations. True to its marketing slogan, the first iPhone is indeed the beginning of many exciting innovations to come.

Dare To Be Different

When Steve Jobs was trying to experiment with the concept of having your own computer in the size that is smaller than a tablet and it was supposed to be easily accessible at your fingertips without the need of using mouse and keyboard or even stylus. Eventually, he decided such technology could be adopted on a mobile phone. During entering a joint development with Cingular Wireless, Apple has been given the freedom and liberty in developing every aspect of iPhone. This allowed Apple to unleash every creative idea that it can put without much interference. As a result, the iPhone was the outcome of a vision that had been fully realized and it gave birth to an unique form of mobile phone type that bore three distinct titles: a revolutionary mobile phone, a breakthrough Internet communicator and widescreen iPod with touch controls. In fact, these were the words used by Steve Jobs himself.

Redesigning What It Means To Be A Phone

Being described as both beautiful and breakthrough at the same time by Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone has been greeted with much anticipation even before it was first released. Basically, the iPhone enables you to do a lot of tasks that are not normally possible when using a phone. The possibilities are truly endless when you can use it to check your e-mail, browse through sites, surf the Internet and other tasks that are associated with a personal computer.

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The Apple iPhone is the first ever smart phone to feature a seamless touch screen experience. This is the main selling point of Apple in midst of Nokia dominated market back in the days. Now, they have gone a long way, and Apple is already on its 7th iPhone.

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Why Apple iPhone?


Apple’s iPhone runs on iOS, it’s Apple’s self-made operating system that offers top notch touch sensitivity and seamless design. The iOS can run more than 100,000 applications that can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store. There’s will always be an application for your productivity or entertainment needs. Apples operating system is now even better with iOS9, it flaunts a very playful yet straight forward design. Get access to your app with just a few swipes and one click tap!

iPhone Across the Years

iPhone has already made a big leap across the years, from the first ever iPhone that’s shaped like a bar of soap, sporting a 3.5-inch screen, to their iPhone 6 series that comes in two variants: the 4.7-inch screen and the 5.5-inch screen (6 plus). Aside from the physical growth seen on the sizes of the new iPhones, groundbreaking technology has also been added: the finger print sensor (which are disguised as the home buttons) and NFC.


The latest iPhones features the best camera on a mobile phone. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are equipped with a 12mp camera that is capable of phase detection, autofocus and OIS. It will produce the best looking photos there is, even under poor lighting condition. Plus, it shoots video at 240fps, making it capable of savoring those moments in slow motion.

iPhone Flagship Devices

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s may look a lot like its predecessor the iPhone 5 on the outside, but on the inside it’s a totally new breed of iPhone. Its perfect form coupled with Apple’s A7 chipset, this is perhaps the most powerful 4” phone in the market today.

iPhone 6

Apple has finally given in to the market’s demand for a bigger iPhone. The iPhone 6 is their latest iPhone that has made a big leap since the iPhone 5 series, hardware upgrade, form function, and size. With a screen size that’s now equally competitive with Androids, polished hardware, and iOS goodness, Apple is surely ripe enough to enter a new market.


The iPad is Apple’s table device that took the world by storm not too long ago. It started the tablet device era and redefined how surfing the web and the entire digital media can be enjoyed. Apple’s iPad runs its self-made operating system which is called the iOS. This operating system is what makes the iPad stand out in terms of performance. It may be a bit pricey than the typical tablets in the market right now, but one thing’s for sure, it can deliver a seamless performance.

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