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Epic Camera & Photographic Equipment in Hong Kong

It’s time to get yourself some camera and photo equipment. If you’ve been thinking about it, just do it! Whether you are an amateur or a professional, photography is one hobby that can be made into a profession. As lucrative as the idea of photography and videography is, camera & photo equipment are often very expensive. Well, fret not! Today, you can get awesome camera equipment in Hong Kong right here!

Choose from the DSLR cameras, compact cameras, action cameras as well as mirrorless cameras for still photography. If you want something fun, get Polaroid cameras or Instax cameras that you can whip out at events and social functions.

Videography is equally as important

Did you know that videos are equally as important as photos? Videography can be done hand-in-hand with photography. For videos, look out for the wide range of camcorders, drone cameras and underwater camera variants available online. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety laid before you. Video cameras also help to bump up your security in every way. Fix IP cameras, CCTVs or car dashboard cameras to record events that may protect you in the long run. A part of good detailing is to get these in your residences, offices and vehicles so you can record suspicious activity. Look out for added features of these cameras such as Wi-Fi connectivity and data logs.

Now that you know more about cameras and photographic equipment in Hong Kong, it’s time to get shopping. Check out the huge variety of cameras with the selections below.

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Enter the world of photography and video with a huge selection of cameras in Hong Kong. Check out the best cameras from the biggest brands below or find the most suitable camera for you today with the guide below.

Hikvision Ds-2Ce56C0T-It3 同軸高清 720P 紅外防水半球型攝像機 原裝正貨十八個月保養 >> Hikvision Ds-2Ce56C0T-It3 同軸高清 720P 紅外防水半球型攝像機 , ICR 日夜型無間拍攝,紅外距離達 20 米; 支持同軸輸出 , 圖像清晰、細膩 , 分辨率達 720p 。防塵 / 防水設計,適用於道路、倉庫、地下停車場、酒吧、管道、園區等光線較暗或無光照環境且要求高清畫質的場所。 功能特性 採用百萬逐行掃描 Cmos ,捕捉運動圖像無鋸齒 支持同軸高清輸出、圖像清晰、細膩 , 分辨率達 720p 低照度 ,0.1Lux @(F1.2,agc On), 0 Lux with IR 支持 ICR 紅外濾片式自動切換 , 自動彩轉黑功能 , 實現晝夜監控 支持 Smart IR 功能,有效防止近距離紅外過曝問題 採用矩陣光斑透鏡 , 匹配傳感器區域,大幅提高光能利用率 專利萬向調節,方便調節,可靠性高 符合 Ip66 級防水設計,可靠性高 規格 型號 - Ds-2Ce56C0T-It3 傳感器類型 – 1.0 Mega Pixel Progressive Scan Cmos 信號系統 - Pal/ntsc 有效像素 – 1296 ( 水平 ) x 732 ( 垂直 ) 最低照度 - 0.1Lux @(F1.2,agc On), 0 Lux with IR 快門 - 1/25 秒至 1/50,000 秒 鏡頭接口類型 - M12 日夜轉換模式 – ICR 紅外濾片式 紅外照射距離 - 20 米 同步方式 – 內同步 幀率 - 720p@25fps 視頻輸出 – 1 路 BNC 同軸高清,符合 Hdtvi 標準 信噪比 - 大於 62 分貝 工作溫度和濕度 - 4 0℃~60℃, 濕度小於 90%( 無凝結 ) 電源供應 - Dc12V±10% 功耗 – 4 W MAX 防水等級: Ip66 尺寸 (mm) - Φ 110 x 93.2 mm 重量 - 200 g Read more
Product details Color: white lens material: All-glass lens   Camera angle: Horizontal viewing angle: 92.7 °                        Vertical Angle: 48.7 °                        Diagonal Angle: 111.2 °  Body size: 54mm  Video frame rate: 20fps (1280 × 720)  Local Storage: Micro SD 32G and Xiaomi router  Cloud video: local cloud (more secure)  Voice intercom: yes  Stream adaptive: yes Support Agreement: IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP / RTSP, DHCP, P2P  Wireless standards: IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Draft Observing ,listening&saying ,viewed by your mobile phone. 720P HD resolution | 111 ° wide-angle, 4x zoom | two-way voice communication  The Small ants smart cameras can be placed anywhere you need.you can get to know the situation where you want to know by phone or tablet at anytime or anywhere . If not at home, you can use  the two-way voice calls. You can also participate in  distant family birthday parties, capture the moment of joy.Don't miss any exciting moments. It automatically start Smart security model when you leave home You can view the situation on your phone: whether doors and windows are closed. whether the taps are off.Once something unusual or dangerous,it immediately begin recording and timely alarm to notify you when you are not in. Observe and photograph and video whenever necessary Use a small ant smart cameras, you can not miss every moment of the baby's growth.It can remote capture when your baby successful complete the blocks tower, or when you are overtime at night,you can croon a lullaby for him hum to sleep.Turn on the phone and get together with him immediately!  4x digital zoom, every detail are viewed on the screen you can use the phone to view, but also double-click to 4x zoom Two-way voice feature that allows you to be present at anywhere if you want.  With a small ant camera ,you can spent important day with her . 110°wide-angle lens bring a sense of immersive screen,sing a birthday song to her.it is now no longer a problem even though you are far away from her.    Installation within 1 min Connect the power supply Download Xiaomi smart home APP  Automatically connect   Support the "small ant Camera" or "Xiaomi router" APP  local storage ;Permanent free  Playback at any time, edit your family videos  In addition to real-time viewing, it can insert a Micro SD (TF) memory card to store video for look at any time . Recording automatically marked by the day, which is convenient for you to find or edit them.  Perfectly fit Xiaomi router, you can record video directly on the router 1TB hard drive.Avoid the loss of privacy, but also to avoid additional charges which stores in the cloud service brings. Read more
Features: *Supports there-level account, password, user authority management. *p2P cloud function, peer to peer connection, no need port mapping. *Megapixels Cmos Sensor, HD 720P video recording. *Pan tilt rotation,multi-angle monitoring,355horizontal,88vertical. *Max. support 128G TF card recording (not included). *Built-in MIC and speaker for 2-way audio. *Android/iOS mobile devices remote view anywhere anytime. *Support Snapshot uploaded to FTP,snapshot and video to TF Card. *ir-Cut double filter. Auto switch between day and night, restoring clear true color. *Support 12 language remote surveillance, record, alarm, wifi setting etc. *Support the scheduled record,scheduled snapshot, and Intelligent record playback via browser. *Motion detection recording. The camera will be triggered to record when detect something moving. NO trigger, no record, more intelligent and space-saving. *Email alert and alarm notification. When motion detection is triggered, the camera will automatically send out sound and alarm notifications to your email, including snapshots on the spot. *Brightness,Contrast,Saturation,Exposure,sharpness,Vertical and Horizontal can be adjusted. *Support APP One Setting Wifi Function. *Dual-stream encoding. Main stream for local view, presenting high quality image; Sub stream for online remote view, over limitation of bandwidth. *Onvif protocol standards, compatible with various NVR brands. *Multiple ways to access on the PC and phone, can be viewed by PC client, Phone APP and browser. Read more
attention: Walkera Runner 250 is the old vesion in USA warehouse Walkera Runner 250 Drone Racer Modular Design HD Camera 250 Size Racing Quadcopter An Excting Racing Experence And An Unprecedented Visual Feast Runner 250 Quick Start Guide: You could also download the "Walkera Runner 250 Quick Start Guide" from here. Runner 250 Quick Installation Guide: The transimitter stochastic in "banggood". You could also download the "Walkera Runner 250 Quick Installation Guide" from here. Drivers Download: GCS APP for Andriod Mobile/Tablet V1.0.5 released:click here. Up02 Program Upgrade Tools:click here. Basic 2 without Devo 7: Basic 1: Basic 2: Basic 3: Fpv: Description: Aircraft: Main Rotor Dia 140mm Overall(LxWxH) 225 x 205 x 92mm Weight 530g (Battery included) Remote Devo F7/devo 7 Receiver Devo-Rx710 Main Controller Fcs-Runner 250 Transmitter Tx5816(Fcc)/tx5817(Ce) Brushless Motor Wk-Ws-28-014(Cw/ccw) Brushless ESC Runner 250 Battery 11.1V 2200mAh 25C 3S LiPo Flight Time 12~14mins Working temperature -10℃~ +40℃ Camera: Resolution 800Tvl System Commitee Pal/ntsc Output Power 1.0Vp-p/75Ω Input Power DC 12V Alternative Devo 7 Mode 1(Right Hand Throttle) / Mode 2(Left Hand Throttle) The backpack for Walkera Runner 250,please click here. Good source of cheap props for Walkera runner 250: Gemfan 6045 propeller. Collocation Emax Net. Runner 250 match with DEVO-F12E(white) setup instructions Runner 250 Quick Installation Guide Runner 250 Quick Start Guide Runner 250 firmware upgrade Package Included: Basic 2 without Devo 7: 1x Walkera Runner 250 1x Charger 1x Battery 1x image transmission module 1x Camera Basic 1 Version: 1x Walkera Runner 250 1x Devo 7 1x Charger 1x Battery Basic 2 Version: 1x Walkera Runner 250 1x Devo 7 1x Charger 1x Battery 1x image transmission module 1x Camera Basic 3 Version: 1x Walkera Runner 250 1x Devo 7 1x Charger 1x Battery 1x image transmission module 1x Camera 1x OSD FPV Version: 1x Walkera Runner 250 1x Devo 7 1x Charger 1x Battery 1x image transmission module 1x Camera 1x Goggle 2 1x OSD Read more

11 Types of Cameras that Every Photographer Must Know

The photographic world has evolved by leaps and bounds since the birth of the first camera. From black and white photography to stunning high-definition video, telescopic and macro photography of today, we find our need for capturing memories in the form of photo and video met with the variety of cameras. This, then, begs the question What are the types of cameras I could consider? Let’s answer that question by giving you 11 options for cameras in Hong Kong you should consider.

DSLR Cameras

Clarity, precision, accuracy, and professional – perfect words to describe the DSLR camera. The Digital Lens Single-Reflex camera, as it is called, is the epitome of photography today. The king of cameras is used to capture vivid images in real-time with a mere click of a button. Working based on a concept of a digital imaging sensor, DSLR cameras offer fluid performance despite their larger size (compared to compact cameras). Perfect for photography that involves action, sport, wildlife and others, DSLR cameras in Hong Kong come with various levels of advancement.

Action cameras

Essentially, action cameras are a specialized version of camcorders that capture epic action up-close. Easily mounted onto almost any sturdy surface, action cameras enable you to seize the day, capturing unique action video and photographs from a first-person perspective. Built to be durable enough to withstand immense pressures, submersion in water, drops from unbelievable heights, and heavy impacts, action cameras such as the GoPro are the preferred choice when out doing sports or even when travelling.

Polaroid Cameras

Old is gold. Somehow, we cannot get enough of our love for the older, printed photos. This is where Polaroid cameras come in. Named after the iconic cameras of the past that print your shots instantly, Polaroid cameras give a vintage feel to your photos. Perfect for occasions where you would want to give your photos as souvenirs or presents to your friends, Polaroid cameras such as the Fujifilm Instax are the best choice.

Mirrorless Cameras

Eliminating the mirror between the camera lenses and sensor, mirrorless cameras have become more popular than ever since they come in compact sizes. Smaller, lighter, and simpler, these qualities are the reasons of why mirrorless cameras are on the rise today.

Compact Cameras

Take the technology of DSLR cameras and make it smaller, lighter, and more user-friendly, and you get compact cameras. As an amazing alternative to both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, compact cameras are more than just glorified point-and-shoot cameras. Some highly advanced features on compact cameras include:

  • Macro mode
  • Night mode
  • Selfie mode
  • Gif mode
  • Auto-stabilisation
  • Time lapse
  • Slow motion

Car Cameras

Car security is ever-so-important in today’s world. Recording your journey could prove to be the best alibi for your safety. With bad drivers on the road here in Hong Kong, we need to protect ourselves while documenting every part of our journey. This is where car cameras come in. Recorded information can also be presented to insurance companies and the police as a proof of what happened in crucial incidents. Better still, some car cameras come with added features such as GPS and Bluetooth connections.

CCTV Cameras

We can never be too safe when taking precautions, that’s why we look into CCTV technology. Close Circuit Television cameras, as they are called, offer to complete the package of home, office, or outdoor security. When people know that they are being watched, there is a lower chance for delinquent behavior. You can also record the daily progress of events or keep an eye on your home and family using CCTV cameras.

Drone Cameras

Take your photography to the skies with drone cameras. As the best tools in aerial photography, drone cameras can bring a bird's eye view of your surroundings -perfect for shooting actions, scenery, or events.


The humble camcorders still have their uses when it comes to recording gorgeous videos that define the moment. Incredibly, these camcorders are getting better as they boast highly advanced features.

IP Cameras

Similar to CCTV in terms of usage and purpose, the IP cameras are one of the cheaper options available for you to guard your property. Utilizing the power of Internet, they can be viewed from any device that works on Internet connectivity.

Underwater Cameras

Designed exclusively to take pictures and videos in underwater, these waterproof underwater cameras are your best tool for this task. They are tough as they can withstand impact and pressure.

Top Camera Brands That You Check Out

Before going out to buy cameras, it will be good to know some top camera brands. Among the top camera brands that boast a large inventory of exceptional cameras are Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Sony. There is a good reason behind their popularities as they are able to bring highly innovative features creating a vast difference in terms of performance, precision and user experience.

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