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Smartphones have become more than just a privileged electronic device that people use, it’s become a necessity in today’s modern world. The smartphone is more than a phone; it is the central hub for everything in our lives. Tablets, on the other hand, offer powerful computing experiences in the most compact of forms. Looking to get one? Click here to know more.


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Power Banks

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10000mAh Quick Charge Portable Charger External Battery Fast charging 14.1mm thickness Lithium polymer batteries 9 layer safety protection Brand: MI Model: Plm02Zm Color: Black Battery type: lithium polymer batteries Battery Power: 10000mAh 3.85V (38.5Wh) Input interface: Micro USB Output interface: Usb-A Input parameters: 5.0V - 2.0A 9V / 12V - 18W Output parameters: 5.1V - 2.4A 9V / 12V - 15W MAX Charging time: About 4.2 hours (18W charger) About 6.2 hours (10W charger) * 18W charger is the market support for the output of Dc5.0V / 2.0A 9.0V / 2.0A 12V / 1.5A charger. * 10W charger is the market support for the output of Dc5.0V / 2.0A charger. Product size: 130 * 71 * 14.1mm 1. Temperature protection: joined the thermistor and temperature control mechanism to ensure that lithium batteries in a safe temperature range. 2. Short-circuit protection: by adding fuse devices in the abnormal short-circuit protection to prevent damage to the motherboard and the battery. 3. Input over-voltage protection: OVP circuit through the treatment to prevent the input voltage is too high to avoid damage to the back-end circuit. 4. Output over-voltage protection: intelligent timely detection of output voltage when the output voltage exceeds the upper limit the initiative to close the output to protect the equipment to be charged. 5. Input anti-anti-protection: When the data line Micro USB port anti-plug the circuit will automatically interrupt the work to protect the charging device. 6. Battery overcharge and over discharge protection: Join the Japanese special lithium protection device effectively avoid the battery overcharge and over discharge to prevent damage to the battery. 7. Reset protection: to join the circuit of the Reset when an abnormal condition causes the product does not work you can press the Power button to resume normal work. 8. Output over-current protection: intelligent timely detection of output current when the output current exceeds the upper limit the initiative to shut down the output to protect the equipment to be charged. 9. Hardware-level battery over-current short-circuit protection: pure hardware detection of battery over-current short circuit condition rapid response blocking the battery circuit the effective protection of battery safety. Power Bank* 1 Micro USB cable * 1 User Manual * 1 The original box packaging

Landline Phones

Panasonic Dect 數位無線電話 Kx-Tg6812 香港原裝行貨一年保養 >> Panasonic Dect 數位無線電話 Kx-Tg6812 是個可靠,高效節能的無線電話,可提供長達 15 小時的通話時間與 170 小時的待機時間。它有一個恰好的照明鍵盤與方便舒適的按鍵,配合 1.8 英寸 LCD 白色背光顯示屏閱讀訊息。特有電源備份的操作,可以在停電期間使用 Tg6812 。 在這個新手機的一大顯著特點是降噪功能。當你在通話,如果你恰巧是在嘈雜的環境,您只需按下一個按鈕, KX- Tg6812 將自動削減掉背景噪音;此按鈕位於聽筒,不用刻意去機座按。tg6812 有多一台子機使用。 產品特色: 獨創的清晰的聲音技術提供擴展的範圍和清晰的通話 一鍵節能 ECO 模式,低功耗 降噪,一鍵式按鈕降低了清晰的通話背景噪音 揚聲器的免提通話 夜間模式下,手機將只在某些時段響 ( 手動調較) 電源備份,以便能夠讓即使在停電來電 發光鍵盤、 1.8 吋白色背光 LCD (NR 鍵 ) 智慧功能鍵 子機免持聽筒擴音對講 拒接特定來電 禁止撥出通話 中文功能顯示 子機免持聽筒擴音對講 50 組來電號碼顯示記憶 100 組英文姓名電話簿,可在子機間複製 子機間的內線通話 清晰音質 客適化音質調整:加強低音 / 一般音質 / 加強高音 子機 30 組和弦鈴聲 /10 組單音鈴聲 智慧功能鍵 (NR 鍵 ) - 來電 / 未接來電及延遲鬧鈴的閃爍指示和快速存取 先進鬧鐘 - 鬧鈴 ( 一次 / 每日 / 週間某日與貪睡設定功能 ) 搜尋按鈕可找到忘記擺放位置的子機 夜間模式 - 設定您的子機,只要您方便接聽時響鈴 通話隱密 - 防止其他使用者加入您與外線來電者間的對話 通話靜音功能 通話保留( 10 分鐘) 通話共享 鍵盤鎖定 最多可擴充六支子機 ( 專用擴充子機 :kx-Tga681) 電池使用:連續通話時間最長 15 小時 / 待機時間最長 170 小時 規格 品名:Panasonic Dect數位無線電話 型號:kx-Tg6812 顏色 - 銀色 頻率範圍:1.8GHz-1.895GHz RF傳送功率:約10mw 電源:110/240V AC, 50/60Hz 主機尺寸:107 x 77 x 86 (mm) 子機(手機)尺寸:48 × 29 × 164 (mm) 主機重量:160g 子機重量:120g 附件 – 主機 X1 子機 X2 充電底座 X1 AC Adaptor x2 電話線 x2 Aaa鋰電池 x4 使用說明書+保用卡x1

Basic Phones

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Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone With Nuisance Calls Block (triple Set at 444.00 HKD from Nzgameshop
Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone With Nuisance Calls Block (triple Set
HK$ 444.00
Simple and stylish the Panasonic Kx-Tgc313Eb Trio digital cordless telephone supports exciting new nuisance call blocking technology allowing you to block nuisance calls. Eco function Nuisance Call Block upto 30 entries. 10 Redial numbers Advanced alarm clock 1.6inch (4.1cm) illuminated display Key lock Phone book memory upto 50 entries 16 hour talk time 200h standby Speakerphone Triple: includes 3 handsets, 1 base unit, and 2 chargers
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 Digital Cordless Phone With Nuisance Calls Block - Triple at 480.00 HKD from Nzgameshop
Digital Cordless Phone With Nuisance Calls Block - Triple
HK$ 480.00
Digital Cordless Telephone features exciting new nuisance call blocking technology. Whether you're looking for a phone for your home or small business. The nuisance call blocker allows you to store up to 30 numbers in a call block list, whilst also allowing you to automatically block any unknown numbers from calling your line. Product Features: Eco function Comfortable hands free talking 50 Name and Number shared phonebook 10 redial numbers Polyphonic ringer on handset Advanced alarm clock Locator button to find misplaced handset Key lock

Prepaid Top Up Cards

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EA Games Spore Creature Creator (Prepaid Card Version) (English Version With Additional Chinese Service Pack) at 78.00 HKD from YesAsia
EA Games Spore Creature Creator (Prepaid Card Version) (English Version With Additional Chinese Service Pack)
HK$ 78.00
Spore Creature Creator (Prepaid Card Version) (English Version With Additional Chinese Service Pack)
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Microsoft Xbox Prepaid Card 5000 (Japan Version) at 444.00 HKD from YesAsia
Microsoft Xbox Prepaid Card 5000 (Japan Version)
HK$ 444.00
Xbox Prepaid Card 5000 (Japan Version)
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Phones & Tablets Hong Kong

Remember the time where you had to carry around a basic feature phone, a music player, a GPS, a handheld console like a GameBoy, and also a bunch of stationary like notepads and pens? We all do. We also still carry around all of the same functionality today, except without the multitude of items with only a single smartphone replacing them all – and in most cases, doing it better.

It isn’t just all about the rise of smartphones and computer tablets however, there are also a rise in many other devices that make our everyday lives more and more convenient. Smartwatches and wireless headphones and headset are such great examples of technological innovations that make our lives easier; keeping us connected and free from wires – at the same time.

Smartphones Hong Kong

Smartphones have changed over the years to become something of a luxury to a necessity for almost everyone. It’s the centralized hub for all of our work, entertainment, and communication. It is quite literally an all-in-one device. In the past we had to carry around a bevy of items just to do everything, but with a smartphone today, we just need that one.

Smartphones come in many different shapes and sizes, starting from those with a small 4-inch display to massive 6-inch displays. Like computers, smartphones also have different specifications, some designed to be high end flagship models while some are designed to be the affordable entry-level smartphones. There’s a smartphone out there for everyone.

Tablets Hong Kong

When Apple first introduced the Apple iPad, many different computer tablets running on Android operating systems flooded the market, offering affordable and different kinds of tablets for many different users. Tablets have very similar functions to smartphones, but generally deliver on greater media experiences due to the larger screens and more power.

There are many tablets out there with many different screen sizes, ranging from the compact 7-inch displays to 12-inch display models, which are usually paired with a keyboard dock, making it look more like a laptop. Samsung even has a massive 18.4-inch display Android tablet that promise to deliver immersive experiences when it comes to entertainment and productivity.

Smartwatches Hong Kong

Smartwatches are basically little miniaturized computer devices that you wear on your wrist like a watch. They tell you the time like a watch as well, but they also have the added functionality of being an interface of sorts to your smartphone without you have to access your smartphones. Notifications can be seen and replied to through the use of a smartwatch in times where pulling out a smartphone is unnecessary.

If you’re looking to buy a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, do check out great brands like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, and HTC.

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