As the world progresses faster than ever before, it is the time for you to engage your gears and get the finest computing products in order to embrace the power of technology. Read more about computing products in Hong Kong.


Top Computing Price List 2020

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Microsoft Surface HK$ 271.92 Amazon
Google Wi-Fi HK$ 1,002.51 Amazon
NETGEAR Orbi HK$ 2,711.28 Amazon
The Sims 4 HK$ 15.90 Kobo
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 HK$ 6,986.48 Amazon
Microsoft Surface Go HK$ 4,266.49 Amazon
Logitech G502 HK$ 388.49 Amazon
Google Pixelbook HK$ 5,043.63 Amazon
Logitech K380 HK$ 310.78 Amazon
TP-LINK AC1750 HK$ 349.63 Amazon
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Microsoft Microsoft Surface

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Computing Hong Kong – Charging Your Performance Beyond Its Limits

Whether you like it or not, computing products have become an integral aspect of our lives. In fact, we always come across any of these devices every single day. As it turns out, there is a great variety of computing products that can transform your life in terms of both pleasure and productivity. These devices bring us so much convenience that we simply cannot imagine living without them. In fact, the majority of us today will most likely own at least a computer at home and a portable laptop that we can bring with us wherever we go. Tech-savvy individuals will not be satisfied with just these essentials; they are likely to complement these products with cutting-edge accessories such as external keyboards, mice, storage devices, etc. Therefore, read more about computing products in Hong Kong:

Desktop PCs

The venerable desktop PCs do not really need an introduction because they are usually the familiar sight in almost all homes and offices in HK. Desktop computers still remain as popular as ever despite the rising availability of mobile devices. This is because they tend to provide better processing power and more functionality compared to their portable counterparts. Far from being obsolete, the desktop PCs come in many different forms such as all-in-one PCs, mini PCs, barebone PCs, and gaming computers. Today, desktop computers are no longer the bulky, space-consuming units that they used to be; most of them simply comprise of a CPU unit, a slim monitor, and a keyboard.


Nowadays, portability is the name of the game. We are so accustomed to being able to bring technologically-advanced devices wherever we go that we feel out of place if they are not within reach. Whether it is for work or for play, it is certain that a laptop is going to be your faithful companion that you can carry around without much hassle. Aside from the obvious portability factor, the laptop these days are powerful enough that they can execute a lot of intensive tasks. In fact, some of the laptops have been developed and designed specifically for gaming purposes. Not only that, there are high-end laptops that you can use to perform highly demanding tasks such as editing photos and videos or even animating and designing.

Computer Accessories

Essentially, computers themselves are already wonderful devices that bring us so many benefits. However, there are tons of different computer accessories which expand their usages further. In simpler terms, computer accessories play a vital role in making computers to be more versatile and functional than they already are. Apart from the mice and keyboards that are the basic must-get accessories to complement your computer, there are also cables, power adaptors, internal and external hardware components, and even PC audio devices that are equally important as well.

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