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Uber Promo Code Hong Kong

Having trouble getting a cab and you are already for that appointment with your in-laws? Or has your bus broken down and you have a business meeting to attend on the other side of town? Whatever the problem is, you can say goodbye to it as Uber is here to save the day! Click here to learn more about Uber, the world’s largest taxi company that owns no cars!

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Uber Hong Kong: Cab Company of The Future

Uber started its life in San Francisco in year 2009. As smartphones became more popular, Uber’s founders saw the opportunity to create an app that lets consumers submit a trip request via their smartphones. Drivers who work for Uber would use their own cars to perform this service. There are various requirements given by Uber to drivers who wish to work for them:

  • Drivers must be age 21 and above
  • Cars must be 2000 or newer (2005 or newer, in some cities)
  • Have a personal driving license
  • Must past a background check

Just like how taxis have premium and economy class, Uber has the same features as well to meet your needs. Among the various types of rides that they have to offer are:

  • UberBLACK: The original Uber ride with base fare of HK$25.00
  • uberX: Only for HK Island with base fare of HK$10.00
  • uberX (Kowloon/NT): Only for Kowloon/NT area with base fare of HK$7.00
  • uberVAN: Quality ride for people and items with base fare of HK$10.00
  • uberTAXI: User the Uber app to request and pay for a taxi at the standard taxi meter rates

Travelling Made Easy with Uber Hong Kong!

Having a hard time hailing down a cab and you are going to be late for a meeting on the other side of town? No worries then, as Uber is here to help! The entire concept of Uber was born with the intention of tackling taxi problems faced by consumers. And many people have sworn that Uber is a lot more effective as compared to other cab companies. Let us list down the reasons why you should choose Uber instead of standing out in the hot sun or pouring rain while trying to get a taxi.

  • User-friendly and easy to grab a ride! Just choose which ride you are interested in and set your location (both pickup and drop-off point). You will receive your driver’s picture and vehicle details as well as track their location on the map. You no longer have to stand in the sun or rain to get a ride to your destination!
  • No hassle, safe and secure payment methods! When registering for an Uber account, you would need to add a credit card to your account that will be charged the moment you arrive at your destination. It saves the trouble of having to calculate the payment amount, especially when you are in a hurry!
  • Fair pricing for everyone! Unlike most taxi services that charges people by the mile, Uber has two ways of charging. One is the usual way of charging by the mile and the other is charging by the minute (for when you are stuck in a jam). That way, Uber drivers are paid fairly for what they are doing and you get to enjoy the services that you are paying for.
  • Places importance on consumer’s experience! Had a great time on your trip with your Uber driver? Then, submit an anonymous feedback about your trip as your input will be taken into account for Uber to know how to improve the quality of their services!
  • Lost and Found service! Left something in the car of your last Uber driver? No worries as Uber has a Lost and Found service to help you retrieve your lost item(s).

How To Get Those Awesome Discounts and Promos on Uber Hong Kong with iprice’s Awesome Coupons?

There are two ways of doing this as Uber can be used on both desktop and mobile. Firstly, we will explain the desktop method below:

  1. Select the Uber Hong Kong coupon of your choice from the above - make you sure choose the correct one and read the conditions on what the coupon can be used for and if there is anything else, like a minimum spending amount in order for the coupon to be valid.
  2. Click on the coupon button located to the right of the coupon. If the button displays ‘Get Coupon Code’. You can then click "Copy Code" or just manually select the code with your mouse, then right-click and copy. If the button says ‘Get this Offer’, just click on it and you will immediately be redirected to the site.
  3. Once you are at the site, you can either get a fare estimate or immediately proceed to the ‘Sign Up To Ride’ page (if you do not have an account). Once there, key in all your information and add in the promotion code in the box provided under the ‘Payment’ section before clicking on the create account.
  4. If you already have an account, then click on the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right side of the page. Once you have logged in, click on the ‘Payment’ button to be redirected to the ‘Payment’ page. Once there, enter in your code in the box under the ‘Promotions’ section. Then, click on the ‘Apply’ button and the code will be applied to your account.

As for the mobile method, read on:

  1. Make sure the Uber app has been installed on your phone. You can download it via the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. Log into your account or register for a new one. Once you have logged in, click on the menu button and then click on the ‘Promotions’ button.
  3. Go to iprice Hong Kong and select the Uber Hong Kong coupon of your choice. Make you sure choose the correct one and read the conditions on what the coupon can be used for and if there is anything else, like a minimum spending amount in order for the coupon to be valid.
  4. Go back to the Uber app, click on the ‘Add Promo Code’ and key in your coupon code before clicking on the ‘Apply’ button.
  5. And done! The promotion is now applied to your account.

Easier and Faster Way To Get To Your Meetings on Time

Arranging for a pickup is easy on Uber. Just enter your starting destination (or allow the app to trace your location) and set your final destination. The app will give a price estimate so that you will know roughly how much Uber would be charging your credit card once you have arrived at your destination. Simple and easy, right?

Now, you no longer have to rely on unreliable public transportation or wait in the sun and rain for a cab. Say goodbye to all your worries and anxieties about being late with the use of this online transportation company. Life is made so much easier and faster with Uber.

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